Xstream Synthetic Urine Review (Is It Worth Your Money?)

Facing a drug test can be very hectic for any person especially when you doubt whether you can pass it or not. You’ll be concerned since you know what you have done in the past gone weeks – we are not judging you!

If you desperately want to beat a drug test coming your way in no time, don’t panic because Xstream Synthetic Urine is here to have you sorted. 

Everyone has a different budget, but hand-on-heart, Quick Fix Plus 6.3 and Sub Solution are my top recommendations every time.

But can lab differentiate between real and synthetic urine? It’s difficult to differentiate the real from fake pee as long as you use the quality product.

In this Xtreme Synthetic Urine review, we take you through all you need to know as you prepare for that test in the coming days. 

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What Is Xstream Synthetic Urine? 

Xstream Synthetic Urine is urine that you can acquire from the lab rather than produce in your body. This basically means it is fake pee that they manufacture in the lab. 

Xstream Synthetic Urine review

The fake pee contains all the typical elements that make up real human pee. These include uric acid, creatinine, amino acids, amino acids, and proteins. 

It goes the extra mile to have the right pH that real urine contains and smells exactly the same as the real thing. 

It even foams when you shake it!

When it comes to the features, Xstream Synthetic Urine has everything that will ensure you can just use it like you would use real urine. 

  • It is very cheap,
  • You can acquire it easily, and
  • It has an updated formula.

Again, you cannot doubt its performance. With all the ingredients you can find in real urine, you will get the best performance you can ever dream of. 

Xstream Synthetic Urine boasts of the most accurate formula you can hardly find in other competitors. As long as you maintain the temperature at the required level, you are set to go. 

To achieve the best performance, the Xstream kit includes a hand warmer that you use to heat your sample. Again, the kit has a sample bottle that has a temperature indicator alongside it. 

With all these factors at hand, expect the best results.  

Does XStream Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Worried if Xstream Synthetic Urine really works? Everyone does – especially if it’s your first time using it. However, we assure you that the fake urine sample will work perfectly fine for you. 

We understand that there are a lot of crooks out there manufacturing shoddy products and labeling them as fake pee to trust. We understand your worries. 

However, with Xstream Synthetic Urine, you don’t need to panic!

It all comes down to proper handling. Maintaining the right temperature is all you need to work on because other things are already in line because of excellent manufacturing. 

So how do you attain the right temperature? It is very easy. Just use your microwave to hit your urine sample for about 10 seconds. Shake it well and make sure the temperature strip reads anything between 94 and 100 degrees. 

When you manage to maintain the temperature within this range, you are good to go and expect nothing short of excellent results. 

How Good is Xstream Synthetic Urine?

Xstream Synthetic Urine is extremely good. Ranging from being readily available, cheap, and accurate, you can never get another product to beat it.  

Here are some of the reasons that make Xstream fake pee extremely good:

  • It mimics the acidity of real urine
  • No adulterations or drugs
  • It is unisex
  • Urea/uric acid
  • The specific gravity that equals that of real human pee
  • The creatinine levels in Xstream resemble those in real urine

What To Look For in a Good Fake Pee? 

When choosing your fake pee, you do not want to mess with the success rate. You must go for the best quality fake pee available. 

So how do you know that you are buying the right Xstream Synthetic pee? It is easy. Look out for the essential elements such as urea/uric acid, creatinine, the pH level, specific gravity, and other qualities such as smell and appearance. 

How To Use Xstream Synthetic Urine

It is absolutely easy to use Xstream Synthetic urine because the instructions are pretty straightforward. There are no complications whatsoever. 

When using Xstream fake pee, you can only fail a drug test for not keeping the pee at the right temperature and nothing else. 

So how do you go about it to ensure you beat that drug test? It is quite simple. Follow this step-by-step procedure and be sure to get the best results. 

  1. Shake the content in the bottle and insert the bottle containing the urine sample inside a microwave. Leave it inside for about 10 seconds. 
  2. Remove the bottle and check the temperature strip. If the reading is not anything between 90 and 100 degrees, then you have to adjust. For temperatures below that range, return the sample to the microwave. For anything higher, just leave the sample to cool down. 
  3. After attaining this range, it is time for you to activate the heating pad. Strap the activated heating pad to the fake pee sample. It will be able to keep the sample warm and within the temperature range for some hours. 
  4. When you arrive at the lab, make sure the sample is at the right temperature, otherwise, you will risk failing the drug test. 

Does Xstream Synthetic Urine Expire?

Every product has its shelf life and so does synthetic urine. Many synthetic urines have a shelf life of around one year or more. You can see this by looking at the expiry date that the manufacturer publishes on the product. 

When it comes to Xstream Synthetic Urine, the shelf life is a couple of years – usually 1 or 2. However, we discourage you from using a product that is almost expiring. This will only reduce your chances of passing the drug test. 

Older products may disadvantage you just in case the formula in it is outdated. Xstream continuously updates the product’s formula which means that the older products may miss out on this important aspect.  

So when going to a drug test, it doesn’t harm having a new product. In any case, it is very cheap and you wouldn’t like getting into trouble because you are trying to risk things. 

Alternatives To Xstream Synthetic Urine

There are various alternatives to Xstream Synthetic Urine out there. However, common ones we have heard about include:

  • Quick Fix,
  • Sub Solution, 
  • Test Clear, 
  • Clear Choice Incognito Belt, and 
  • Urinator. 

Pros and Cons of XStream Urine


  • The product is extremely cheap- you can get it for around 10-15 dollars
  • It contains all the basic elements that make real human pee such as urea and creatinine
  • Mimics real urine  in all aspects
  • You can use it the unusual bed plays for infection-free sex
  • You can use it to maintain the privacy of your medical information


  • Legality depends on the set laws. Many states strongly disapprove of it if used to fraudulently pass a drug test
  • You must maintain the right temperature otherwise the results will turn negative
  • Complex drug testing may reveal the true identity of the fake pee
  • Once opened, this significantly impacts its integrity 

Final Thoughts: Is Xstream Worth It?

Indeed, Xstream Synthetic Urine is worth it. Xstream includes all the necessary ingredients that you need for you to effortlessly pass a drug test. 

In addition to having all these ingredients, it actually foams like real urine when you shake it up. Plus, it has the same pH and smells exactly the same as the real thing. 

So are you having a drug test coming your way on short notice? Well, you can trust Xstream to be your savior. 

However, we must stress that how you handle it will determine if you are going to pass or not. Putting it in the sunlight for long periods has the effect of greatly deteriorating the product’s integrity.

Moreover, not maintaining the right temperature can be a great setback and you can fail your drug test. 

We wish you all the best as you give it a try. What you need to do is follow all the instructions we have given you, be calm, and be sure to pass it.