Urinator Reviews (How To Use The Urinator)

It is a common practice for potential employees to undergo a drug test before they start off their duties.

Imagine this: In recent days, you had fun with your friends and probably you consumed some prohibited drugs like marijuana or you vaped.

And with a drug test coming your way very soon, you need a way out. The Urinator could be the solution you’re looking for. You only need to know where to buy synthetic urine near me

Maybe you are not sure about where to get the right urinator. You need to go through the Urinator reviews to get a hint about what you need to do and how to use it the right way.

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What is the Urinator and its Purpose?

Simply put, Urinator is a device that you use to deliver fake piss. You can use it to deliver your fake piss to the drug testing center most naturally and discreetly possible. 

What makes it very simple to deliver fake piss using the Urinator is the fact that it is a small device that will not arouse unnecessary suspicion. 

The device is simply a pouch connected to a heating element and a tube. Sounds very simple, right? So what is the role of each of the elements? 

The pouch stores the urine solution, and the heating element maintains the ideal temperature so that you do not arouse suspicion by having too cold or too hot a urine sample during a drug test. The tube’s use is to fill and empty the pouch. 

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Does the Urinator Really Work?

Going into a drug test is frightening especially if you know what you have done in the recent past – partying a little bit wilder than normal. I have been through this. I know exactly the kind of questions you may be having before your big day. 

One such question is; does the urinator work? 

You are right to enquire about this. I must admit that I also did the same. I did not want to spend my money on a device that would discourage me in the end or worst still land me into problems. 

You perfectly know that failing a drug test when you were trying to cheat may not be a thing you would want to hear. It will sound very wrong!

Yes, the Urinator device works. The device helps keep your synthetic urine sample warm but does not guarantee 100 percent accuracy. 

However, note that the product is slightly better than the others and its success rate is a notch higher. 

How Does the Urinator Device Work?

Every time you want to use fake piss to pass a drug test the bother is usually maintaining the temperature. This is where you will need the Urinator more than anything else. 

How does the Urinator device work?

So here is the explanation. The device has an electronically-controlled heater with 9-volt Duracell batteries. With this, the device can warm fake piss for over four hours. 

In addition, the device also has toxin-free concentrates of artificial fake pee alternatives. 

With this toxin-free fake pee sample, you can pass your drug test easily. 

What’s in the Package?

The Urinator package consists of;

  • One Urinator device. 
  • A self-regulating element for heating that is controlled digitally. 
  • It also comes with a pair of temperature test strips, 
  • A calibrated device for filling the bottle. 
  • Most importantly is the comprehensive user manual and the pair of fake pee concentrated samples. 

Where Can I Buy It?

So you have now made up your mind about using fake piss to pass your coming drug test. You are now wondering where you will buy it. 

An Urinator is available for purchase from any third-party vendors over the internet. Again, you can comfortably find this device on the shelves of the shops in your locality. As long as it is the real product and not a counterfeit, you will be guaranteed excellent results. 

I am saying this because there are a number of them out there,

However, be prepared to pay a little bit more. Why? Because this product’s cost is a little bit higher when compared to the alternatives in the market. 

You should not panic. The cost you will incur buying it will be worth it because you can use it several times – between two or three times. In the end, you will save a lot!

It goes for about $150 together with the fake piss sample so you don’t spend on both of them separately. 

This is a good deal that I can recommend to you. I did not regret it and I definitely know you won’t regret it either. 

Hop to your nearest shop or order it online. 

How to Wear the Urinator?

Wearing the Urinator is quite simple. For men, you can wear two underpants and stick your Urinator in between them. You can still conceal it even when you are wearing one underpants but this depends on your comfort. 

If you are a lady, you can stick it in your bra and you will be good to go. 

For you to become successful in using a Urinator for drug tests, then it is crucial that you know how to wear it perfectly. You need to practice using the product before the big day so that you become conversant on how to use it. 

The success you will achieve when using the device comes from prior practice. You can use water during your practice. 

What are the Urinator Alternatives

Monkey Dong and Whizzinator are some of the alternatives for Urinator that you can consider. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them to help you make the right decision about using them. 

Although all of them serve the same purpose, they have distinctive features that differentiate them. Have a look at some of them. 

Monkey Dong


  • Higher chances of passing the drug test because of the lab-grade fake pee that looks exactly like the real urine. 
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • Looks more like a real penis. 


  • Because it looks exactly like the real penis, it may present problems when females use it. 



  • Can be worn by both genders comfortably. 
  • Comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose from.   


  • Lower chances of passing a drug test when compared to Monkey Dong.
  • It is complex to use. 


When you have a crucial drug test coming your way in a few days, you need to find quality products that will help you go through the process with ease. Everybody would like to prevent unnecessary scandals as much as possible. 

An Urinator device is a perfect example of a product you will want when going to that drug test. You want to deliver your fake piss to the testing area in a manner that you don’t arouse any suspicion. 

Remember success is your ultimate aim here so you need to be extra careful. 

A Urinator will cost you a couple of bucks but you will be sure to pass your drug test easily. Again, you will save in the long run because you can use this device two to three times with perfect results. 

In case you don’t find the Urinator device maybe because of a fast-approaching deadline, there are other alternatives you can consider. Monkey Dong and Whizzinator are the perfect examples of substitutes for an Urinator.

Based on the observable advantages I have noticed while using these two alternatives, Monkey Dong does exceptionally well when compared to the Whizzinator. 

As a parting shot, all the best as you go past that drug test. All you need going into it is a great deal of confidence. Confidence to sneak the fake pee and the device into the tasting area and the confidence to use it without arousing suspicion. 

With the urinator review above, you have it all.