Is synthetic urine detectable in 2023?

Drug testing isn’t new in many workplaces. It’s the method used to ensure employees and individuals are not using illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and more. However, people who have been using or have at least used drugs recently use synthetic urine to pass drug tests. Is synthetic urine detectable in 2023? In … Read more

What Does Synthetic Urine Taste Like?

When it comes to drug testing, sometimes the stakes are high. Sometimes, using synthetic urine for drug tests is your only option. But what does synthetic urine taste like?  That’s an important question to ask– after all, this synthetic urine solution could mean the difference between passing or failing an employment test. Fake pee has … Read more

Is Synthetic Urine Illegal in the United States?

Most states in the USA allow the purchase and usage of synthetic urine for various purposes. However, lawmakers in many states globally consider fake pee illegal. That’s because it gives drug users a chance to fake screening exams administered by employers, police, and the court system. If you intend to use fake urine for any … Read more

(Best) Synthetic Urine Kit for Females

Most of us rely on drugs like cannabis for recreation and relaxation in our fast-moving lives. The problem comes in when you have a drug test next week. You are most likely going to fail it, affecting your life. A synthetic urine kit can help you pass your drug test after taking cannabis. While the … Read more

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

Many people desire to win a job at FedEx because they’ll enjoy plenty of space for advancement. Once you secure a FedEx job, you can progressively rise through the ranks. Meanwhile, you’ll most likely work as a package handler in the warehouse. You’ll still get a good salary and enjoy incredible benefits. It is luxurious … Read more

Does Harbor Freight Drug Test?

Companies are never equal. They have a specific set of policies that make them unique. And such policies help run their daily operations and when recruiting new talents. Harbor Freights is an excellent example of such companies. It is a fast-growing, large-sized, and highly reputable company. So you’ll most likely see thousands of people knocking … Read more

Can Synthetic Urine Be Reheated For Drug Test?

Can synthetic urine be reheated for drug tests? Yes, you can reheat Quick Fix multiple times as needed without any problems. But that is only possible if you have not used the product. If, for any reason, your drug test doesn’t take place, store it in its packaging or box for future use. There’s no … Read more

How to Heat Synthetic Urine without Microwave

Synthetic urine has been the go-to solution for drug users ever since 1986. It helps individuals pass their drug tests to secure employment, retain their jobs, or other events with such a demand. Fake pee should have the correct temperature (about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to pass the drug tests. But this fake urine cools much … Read more

How Long to Microwave Pee for Drug Test?

It’s common for people to ‘borrow or buy’ fake urine prior to submitting it to the testing facility the next day. Well, as much as you may prepare the hay while the sun still shines, there are some problems you must overcome.  One of them is regulating urine temperature after the urine cools. How long … Read more

Can Labs Tell the Difference Between Real and Synthetic Urine

Real and fake urine share many characteristics such as color and density. According to Timothy Boone, an associate from Podunk Tech, it is difficult to differentiate real urine from synthetic urine.   This is because in the scope of urine testing, lab technicians test for drugs and other substances which cannot differentiate synthetic urine from real urine. … Read more