How to Sneak Urine into a Drug Test (Tips and Tricks)

Even though it has been a debatable topic for years, we all agree that urine tests are very common, especially in the US.

Beating a urine drug test is possible even if you’re a mild marijuana smoker or shallow sniffer of cocaine. This test airs out the contents of your body to authorities or prospective employers.

But, whichever situation you’re struggling to get out of, one thing for sure will save you is sneaking urine into a drug test. 

Read this article to understand how to smuggle urine for a drug test male and female.

Sneaking urine into a testing center 

Sneaking urine into a testing facility is two-way traffic- it can save the day or lead you into trouble. 

We are fully aware of what this means, and using our extensive knowledge on this topic, we have dependable tips on how to sneak urine into a drug test. 

First, you are not alone in this matter; there are 31.9 million drug users in the US fighting the same hurdle. 

Most of these people face societal segregation, experience difficulties in securing jobs, and miss golden opportunities in sports. Well, let us turn the tables by helping you pass urine tests!

How can females smuggle urine? 

Ever wondering how to smuggle urine for a drug test female? Women have very many places to hide urine and smuggle it into a facility. Under the breasts is one of them. 

Keeping a small vial of urine in your bra is safe since the area receives less attention during the inspection.

Furthermore, the breast is a natural heating element that will keep the urine warm for the entire time. This will erase the doubts of you having fake urine when the technicians take temperature readings of the sample.

As much as it is easy, comfortable, and safe to smuggle urine under the breast, you need to be clever in using this method. 

Wearing a padded bra is an ingenious way of averting suspicious eyes. This bra camouflages the urine container such that it looks natural on your body.

How can men sneak urine into a testing facility? 

Men don’t know how to smuggle urine for a drug test male. Unlike women, when it comes to inspections, authorities tend to be thorough with men. 

This is making even smuggling a milliliter of urine a daredevil kind of job any man can undertake. Here, you not only need to be clever, but also you must be creative and courageous.

Hiding urine in your groin area is a textbook way of winning the game. This area receives little attention giving you a trough pass to smuggle urine. Just figure out where it is the most comfortable place to hide the sample and confidently submit it.

Are there other body parts where you can keep urine? 

Despite ladies beating authorities by placing samples in their bras while men are recruiting their groin for the same purpose, authorities, too, have developed efficient ways to snare you. 

This is pulling up a series of problems you are likely to unlock when caught. To cover your actions using a leak-proof mechanism, try using the following body parts.

  • Thighs

Though not advisable, thighs are a comfortable place to keep urine samples. Just strap the samples on your thighs, and you are set to go. The only downside of using this body part is that it is easy for technicians to feel the strap during patting. 

  • Armpits

Armpits keep the samples warm, and you only need a urine vial and glue to get started. They, however, could betray you when you are sweating. Sweat dissolves the adhesive you are using to secure the vial.  

  • In your butt

Yes, you read this correctly! However gross it might sound, your butt is the safest place to hide urine samples. With this method, you can effortlessly beat the strictest testing facility and get around their air-tight inspection protocols. Isn’t this a good idea? 

Risky areas to keep your urine 

All the odds of getting away with fake urine might be working very well; then, boom, the supervisor corners you for another thorough inspection.

Well, this often happens if you are careless about where you are keeping your samples. Some places will surely lead you into trouble.

If you are thinking of smuggling urine, inside your pockets and bags should be the last place to keep them. These are the main target areas for search teams. They will turn your pockets inside out unzip your bag and pour their belongings out.

By no means should you ever think of transiting fake samples using your pockets or bags; authorities will find them.

How To Prepare for Urine Test 

There are thousands of strategies, tons of products, and numerous tips that will help you get away with a drug test. But each of them has strongholds and risks. Follow these pro tips on what you should and don’t do before and during a drug test.

Tips when preparing for drug tests

  • Use urine from your friends

Do you have some trusted angelic friends who never ingest anything other than food? This is the time you should highly sort out their help.

If you are certain your friend(s) are drug abstainers, try borrowing their urine. Before you borrow their urine, make them understand that you are in dire need of their help. 

If they’re taking drugs secretly, then your life will be jeopardized. So there is a great need for you to explain to your buddies what this means to you. 

If you are sure they won’t betray you, take their urine and store it in a urine kit early in the morning. 

Nowadays, some kits will keep the urine at optimal temperature for 5-8 hours. This would ensure you submit warm urine even if the sample you were using was not close to your body. 

  • Buy urine online

It is okay not to share every problem you are in with those around you, and in our case, you can look to the internet for help. You can purchase urine from a trusted dealer online. This will save you from too much explanation, desperation, and future problems, further covering your lifestyle.

  • Get an expert’s advice

There is an active battle going on between people who help others cheat in labs and those who advocate for transparency in the laboratory system.

As each party tries to outsmart the other, regrettably, you are caught in the crossfire. And this can destroy your future.

To shorten the long story, you need an expert who is conversant with current trends in the systems to help you.

An expert will give you a clear picture of what is happening in labs, how they conduct an inspection, and what you can do to be on the safe side.

Key things to avoid when preparing and performing a drug test

You might be fully prepared and aware of the situation, but there are a few things that may thwart your plans. These don’ts will increase the odds of you surviving through a drug test with fake urine.

  • Don’t assume drinking water will flush drugs in your system and use your own urine

By now, you know that your system is flooded with all kinds of illegal drugs, and by no means is your urine safe for testing. 

Deceiving yourself by drinking water will dilute the effluents in your body is a bad idea. Instead, focus on how you will find uncontaminated urine and use it for testing.

  • Do not use adulterants

With modern superb scientific methods in play, there is nothing that will go undetected in your urine; this includes adulterants. 

Labs will detect adulterants in your urine, and they will either disqualify or request another sample.

By any chance the latter happens, you will be under full supervision, and you won’t be able to sneak in fake samples.

You must note that sneaking urine inside a lab will save you from shame if you get everything right from packaging to transporting it. 

Ladies should use their breasts, while men should hide their samples in the groin area. Needless to say, you can employ other body parts depending on the level of inspection you will pass through. 

You should also take some precautions while carrying out this delicate process, do not adulterate the urine but reserve some time for expert advice.

Otherwise, the main ingredient in this process is courage and confidence, which will ultimately lead you to success.