Quick Fix Urine 6.1 Review (Does it Really Work?)

Drug testing has become a key practice in many companies’ recruitment processes. But you don’t have to throw away your future just because you didn’t pass a drug test. 

Quick Fix Urine comes in handy to help you pass your drug tests and win that job you’ve been working hard to get.

However, does Quick Fix Urine 6.1 work? YES. It is a product from Quick Fix, one of the world’s most reputable synthetic urine companies.

Keep on reading this Quick Fix Urine 6.1 Review to understand how best this product works.

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What is Quick Fix Urine 6.1?

Quick Fix Urine 6.1 is amazing synthetic urine crafted by a well-known company. It has a special formulation to help you walk into any drug test with utmost confidence and pass highly.

This synthetic urine product guarantees you the best results. It offers a quick fix and solution to overcome any urine-based drug test and pass highly. As a result, the brand has become very crowded.

When you use it correctly, this product gives a 100% success rate. The company is very confident in this product, including other products, in that they provide a full money-back guarantee.

What Makes Quick Fix Urine 6.1 Special?

Quick Fix Urine 6.1 boasts a unique design. It features the same appearance, chemical structure, and smell as that of human urine. The urine temperature is vital. This fake urine has the same temperature as that of human urine (92 to 98 degrees).

It is a fact that no lab tests can differentiate Quick Fix Urine 6.1 from human urine. That’s because this fake urine has the same molecular structure, apt pH balance, and content. So, it’ll pass as authentic pee.

Sometimes, lab technicians use this synthetic urine to calibrate machinery and test equipment due to its similar chemical structure.

Moreover, this synthetic urine has an extraordinary shelf life of two years. This is the longest shelf life that no other synthetic urine products offer.

As the brand continues to be more famous in the world of synthetic urine creation, you can be sure to get a bargain. There are different coupon codes the company offers on this product. So you could save your job and money.

How Does Quick Fix Urine 6.1 Work?

Specialists design Quick Fix Urine 6.1 with convenience and efficiency in mind. So, no doubt it’ll work. All they desire is to turn your stressful moment into a happy one.

Sometimes, if you want to pass a urine test, using your natural urine may not be an option. Or, you may not want to share such stressful personal information with your next employer.

Whichever the reason, synthetic urine is your best shot for passing a urine-based drug test without any worries.

However, this synthetic urine may not be that easy to use. This section of our Quick Fix Urine 6.1 Review comes in handy. It will discuss some quick steps to enable you to pass even the most strict drug test.

Step 1: Heat the Synthetic Urine

Preparing your synthetic urine is an easy task. It’ll barely take 5 minutes of your morning on the drug test day. Therefore, you can resume your busy morning routine in no time.

Here, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Remove the bottle containing synthetic urine from its packaging and take off the cap.
  • Microwave the bottle for about 10 seconds. That’s if you own a microwave. If you don’t, that’s not the end of the road.
  • Every package has a heating pad. So stick it to your bottle and let it settle for about 45 minutes or until the bottle attains an appropriate temperature of 92 to 98 degrees.

The latter method is not as quick as using the microwave. But with prior planning, yields better results.

Step 2: Shake and Measure the Temperature

  • After the 10 seconds beep sound, get the bottle out of the microwave and shake it.
  • Use the temperature strip to confirm if the synthetic urine is of the correct temperature. Aim for 92 to 98 degrees which is the same temperature as human urine.
  • If the strip records temperature lower than 90 degrees, re-microwave it for extra 3 seconds.
  • In case the strip fails to work, the bottle could be very hot. So, you’ll have to let it cool off before testing again.

Step 3: Attach to the Heating Pad

  • Once you get the apt temperature, close the bottle with the lid.
  • Then remove the heating pad included. Shake the heating pad to initiate the heating elements and fasten it to the synthetic urine bottle (opposite the side with a temperature strip).
  • The heating pad will keep the urine in the bottle at the proper temperature for about 8 hours. This means that you can prepare this synthetic urine in the morning, even if the drug test will occur in the afternoon.
  • Attach the bottle to your body to also keep the synthetic urine warm. Plus, doing so will enable you to carry the bottle into the drug testing room discreetly. No one will notice.
  • You may also use a bag or put the bottle in your pocket, but this could be risky. That’s because the people in charge may search for prohibited items or restrict you from carrying anything to the testing room.

Step 4: Use your Fake Urine

While in the testing room, the lab technicians will give you a small container to collect your urine sample. Instead of urinating in the container, you’ll:

  • Remove your bottle of Quick Fix Urine 6.1
  • Shake it well and pour it into the container. There will be some small bubbles when you shake the bottle, just like in real human urine. This adds a layer of authenticity.
  • Finally, hand in the urine sample and wait for results indicating that you passed the drug test.


As we wrap things up with our Quick Fix Urine 6.1 Review, does it work? The answer is yes. This synthetic urine is an excellent option for passing urine-based tests without any worries. It is easy to use, and you can carry it around discreetly.

Expect 100% success results as this artificial urine shares the same properties as human urine. Do you always find it stressful to get over urine tests? Or you don’t want to damage your reputation with your employer in a planned drug test? Why not give Quick Fix Urine 6.1 a try? It never disappoints!