P-Sure Synthetic Urine Review (Does it Work?)

Urine testing across the USA is very common, especially with large corporations and other employers. They do it frequently and semi-annually or after every three months. Getting caught in the squabble may cost you your job, respect, and many other things.

Beating the drug tests now involves the usage of artificial urine samples. One of them is P-Sure synthetic urine. Is it any good? Does it really work? Yes, it does help you pass your drug test when presented on time.

I should point out that, there are other fake urine samples that beat P-Sure hands down. Try out Quick Fix Plus 6.3 or Clean Choice Sub Solution.

P-sure is a well-recognized brand and has amassed popularity as being one of the best fake urine on the market. After sifting through tons of information, here is an in-depth review for P-Sure urine. 

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What is P-Sure Synthetic Urine? 

P-Sure is a brand of ready-for-use synthetic urine that replicates real urine in many aspects. Their synthetic urine sample takes on the color, consistency, and smell of real urine. P-Sure is also said to be unadulterated; thus, it yields the best results possible.

Ingredients in P-Sure 

A few years ago, synthetic urine was an open book way of passing a drug test examination. The ingredients were simple, with a few chemical compounds being included.

Of course, the sample took a yellow hue similar to real urines with shared characteristics in terms of density and other physical characteristics.

By no means could labs have differentiated real urine from fake one through observation.

But as the tests became more sophisticated, it was time for fake urine manufacturers to up their game. As such, P-sure improved the quality of its products. The current product sums ingredients such as;

  • Sodium chloride
  • Albumin powder
  • Creatinine 
  • Sodium phosphate 
  • Other compounds make the sample feel, look, and smell like real urine. 

One of the key ingredients not mentioned above is urea. Initially, urea was not being tested in urine samples as part of the drug testing procedure.

However, in 2016, the urine testing requirements were changed. The federal facilities are now required to test for urea and uric acid other than traces of drugs and alcohol.  

Does P-Sure Synthetic Urine Contain Uric Acid? 

Unfortunately, P-Sure does not contain urea or uric acid. This is the major shortcoming of the product prompting tons of negative reviews from some users. 

In modern testing facilities, technicians check for the concentration of urea in the urine. If the substance is missing or its concentration is questionably low, they will quickly rule out the sample as fake urine; hence you will not pass the test. 

If you are new to biological terms, urea is a nitrogenous compound that is excreted by the body through the kidney, and it is the major inorganic compound produced inside our bodies. 

Hence, real urine samples must contain a certain amount of urea, given your body is in good status. 

Lack of urea in P-Sure should not be taken for granted. If technicians decide to test for its presence, then there is no way you will pass the examination. 

How To Use P-sure Urine Sample

P-sure is one of the easy-to-use urine samples out there. First, the sample is in the form of a premixed liquid in a single bottle. The package also contains a hand warmer and a leaflet of instructions. The instructions are as follows; 

  • Microwave the urine with the container it is packed inside 
  • Transport the warm urine and keep the temperature within the required range 
  • Submit the sample for testing

As simple as that, you are done worrying. Isn’t it?                                              

Typically, real urine comes out of the body with a temperature range between 98 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. At temperatures below 98 degrees, the sample will be flagged down for further testing. 

This, of course, will fail you. Similarly, anything above 102 degrees is considered too hot to come out of a human body; thus, you will also fail the test. 

To ensure your sample is within the temperature range, P-sure equipped their bottles with a temperature strip. A temperature strip is a heat-sensitive adhesive strip attached to a plastic sample cup whose color changes depending on the temperature of the sample. 

Unluckily, P-sure is not so great even when choosing the temperature strip for their samples. One user poured out his disappointments on the review section stating that the company’s temperature produced inaccurate results. 

This was after the technician pulled out a digital thermometer only to find out that the sample’s temperature was way lower than what was being indicated by the strip. 

Using P-sure is not highly recommended, but still, the choice is yours. In case you find yourself in a rock bottom situation where P-sure is the only solution, heat the sample a little bit longer than the recommended range. 

This way, the sample’s temperature will not fluctuate considerably as you travel down to the testing facility.  

Also, when transporting the sample, ensure the temperature strip is not close to your body. It will lead to inaccurate readings higher than the sample’s temperature. 

Does P-Sure Really Work? 

After exposing some pros and cons of P-Sure, the moment of truth has arrived; does P-Sure really work? 

P-Sure doesn’t work 100% in the scope of urine testing. The probability of making it out of the testing room successfully with this sample is zero when technicians test for uric acid or urea. Also, the controversies posed by the temperature strip might affect the final results. 

Rather than gambling with P-Sure, look for other solutions that provide accurate results. Nevertheless, P-Sure’s failures are its strongholds in other areas. Here are other fields where P-Sure excels at. 

Alternative Uses of P-Sure  Synthetic Urine

I know you are surprised but, synthetic urine has more uses than fooling lab technicians. Fake urine was designed for scientific research, pleasure, and medicinal purposes. 

Fetish Play 

Spicing up things in the bedroom often involves extreme ingredients like urine. Users are increasingly turning to fake urine for exactly that because it does not contain bacteria and is safe for use. 

P-Sure markets its product as an ‘adult novelty,’ and surprisingly, it does magic. You try it and share with us the experience in the review section. 

Scientific Studies 

The main aim of producing fake urines was to sponsor scientific studies. These studies involve testing the components of urine and their effects on diapers and bedding. 

P-Sure’s urine meets this purpose. Also, the fact that it doesn’t contain additives, and is free of toxins, simplifies the work of researchers. 

Urine Therapy 

In America, the concept of using urine for medicinal purposes is unheard of. But as strange as this may sound, some countries, including India, have been using urine to treat certain ailments. This is a concept that was established by their ancestors, and it travels thousands of years back in time. 

As a quicker solution, those who believe in urine therapy are turning to synthetic products like P-Sure. P-Sure is readily available and doesn’t contain toxins that may harm users. This is nasty.

Caution: We do not recommend synthetic urine as a medicine. P-sure clearly states that the sample is not for consumption which I believe you should adhere to.

The Price of P-Sure 

P-Sure shouldn’t drain you more than 30 bucks bearing in mind it doesn’t contain urea. Depending on where you are purchasing it from, the price of P-Sure hovers around $25 and $35.

FAQs P-Sure Synthetic Urine

Can the sample withstand extreme heat? 

When exposed to the worst conditions, the water in P-Sure evaporates, leaving behind an extremely concentrated solution.

Can I reuse P-Sure’s samples? 

Yes, you can reuse P-Sure’s samples, provided that you are storing them in a cool place. Also, you should avoid reheating the sample because it will destabilize its chemical structure.

Does P-Sure come with a temperature strip?

Yes, the package has a temperature strip. Essentially, the temperature strip will help you during the preparation of the sample.

Can I purchase P-Sure from convenience stores? 

No, P-Sure is sold only on the company’s website. This is to reduce the risk of scammers associated with fake urine samples.

Can you store P-Sure in a fridge?

Yes, you can chill the sample but first, understand the manufacturer’s recommendations. In case you want to use the chilled sample, don’t raise its temperature suddenly. Some water will evaporate, leading to a highly concentrated solution. 

Bottom Line 

P-Sure is a well-recognized brand with a handful of ingredients found in real urine. The sample is ready for use in liquid form, and microwaving is the only thing needed.

Nevertheless, we don’t recommend P-Sure for drug testing since it doesn’t contain urea which is being tested for together with illegal substances in federal facilities across the USA.

Our take on P-Sure is, that the sample is not fit for drug tests, but you can use it for other purposes.