How Long to Microwave Pee for Drug Test?

It’s common for people to ‘borrow or buy’ fake urine prior to submitting it to the testing facility the next day. Well, as much as you may prepare the hay while the sun still shines, there are some problems you must overcome. 

One of them is regulating urine temperature after the urine cools. How long to microwave pee for drug test? Openly speaking, it will take 10 seconds to microwave urine

Urine Cool With Respect to the Surrounding Environment 

Unlike real urine, fake or borrowed urine tends to fluctuate in temperature with respect to the surrounding environment. That is why it is so important you regulate urine temperature to between 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Microwaving Urine

Microwaving urine is the safest way to raise its temperature; it does not alter its biological materials or affect its temperature. Above all is the quickest way to get the job done perfectly.

Microwave urine for at least ten seconds before proceeding to the testing facility will raise its temperature to the normal level. Although it seems straightforward, using a microwave to heat up pee is one of the trickiest methods.  

The secret is not to overdo or underdo the process. Overheating urine will destroy its microbiological content. Likewise, underdoing will not raise its temperature to the required level, which may cast suspicions on the sample.

Thus, check the temperature with a temperature strip to ensure it is at the perfect point.

Safety Tips When Using a Microwave to Warm Pee

As we have already put across, a microwave is one of the complicated approaches to heat up urine samples. But with the following safety tips, you can always get everything right.

  • Use temperature strips to avoid over and under heating.
  • Never should you microwave samples in a metallic container; always use plastic containers
  • Set the microwave at around 10 seconds
  • Defrost urine before microwaving

Why Should You Microwave Urine? 

Normally, urine comes out of the body with a temperature range of 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But, as it comes into contact with a cooler environment outside, its temperature drops below the acceptable value in less than four minutes.  

Microwaving will raise its temperature in less than ten seconds. 

Other Methods of Heating Up Urine Other Than Using Microwaves 

At times, the microwave might not be the viable option to warm the urine. So you need to be ingenious and adopt other methods of raising the urine’s temperature. To achieve this, we have compiled other methods of heating up synthetic urine and are proven to be effective. Let us get right in them.

  • Use hand warmers 

Hand warmers are small heating assets used by people during winter to keep their hands warm. From that perspective, hand warmers can be used to warm up urine samples. 

To use the hand warmers, just tape the hand warmers on the urine vial. Though it will take at least 45 min to get them ready, hand warmers produce heat for longer in excess of 10 hours.  

  • Use your vehicle’s heater vent 

Collect the urine of the person you want to use, store it in an air-tight container and as you are driving to the hospital, place it on the heater vent. A heater vent produces heat that will keep the sample warm throughout the journey.

As always, ensure you have a temperature strip with you. A heater vent is not a trustable method, thus we can’t guarantee accurate results. 

  • Keep urine samples close to your body 

In some cases, you don’t need to struggle with artificial urine warming kits; your body will do the right job. 

Biologically, our bodies produce certain quantities of heat to keep us warm and power vital organs. You can use body temperature to your advantage. 

It is very simple; just pour the collected sample into a fluid bag and tuck it in between your thighs. You can also use your armpits, and for ladies, under the breasts will do just fine.

  • Use the urinator kit 

A urinator kit is a battery-powered container with a syringe and a temperature strip. To use the kit, fill the bag with freshly collected urine or warm synthetic urine. The kit has a heating pad that will keep the samples warm.

As a precaution, any time you are using the kit, ensure you have a couple of new 9V batteries for spare in case one fails. 

Bottom Line 

The repercussion of getting caught with drugs in your systems outweighs everything you have been living for. One way to beat the system and ensure your private lifestyle is not blown away is using synthetic urine, which comes with a major hurdle- temperature fluctuation.

We have explored some of the methods you can use to warm urine, and we have found microwaving synthetic urine is one of the best. You may also try hand warmers and your body as a source of heat.