How to Hide Pee for a Drug Test – Best Advice and Tips

Knowing that drug traces are still in your system on the eve of urine drug screening is more than a stressful situation to cope with. 

Today, cheating a drug test is taking the world by storm but lab testing techniques are getting tougher. 

Hey, you’ve got fake pee ready with you, but wondering how to hide pee for a drug test?

Let’s face it. It isn’t charming to lose a job just because you failed a drug test. Worry not; you can sneak in pee undetected. 

This article tells you exactly how to hide pee for a drug test. 

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How to Hide Pee for a Drug Test

Things to Consider Before Sneaking Fake Urine into a Drug Test

It may look scary, though not the way you would think. You’ve got a urine drug test next Tuesday, so there’s a shortcut to this.

Conduct extensive preparation as early as now. Before taking a further step of smuggling the sample, ensure you take these factors into account:

  • Weight of Urine Kit
  • Bottle size
  • Heat pads
  • Clothing options
  • supervision

Weight of Urine Kit

Why does the weight of a urine kit matter? Your kit should be not only lightweight but also comfortable. If it stocks more weight, it may become loose or fall out. This can make you look suspicious, considering that a lab technician is watching you closely.

Along with that, a heavy kit seems to deter and obstruct one’s movement, while the risk of spilling goes high.

Size of the Bottle

The container carrying your specimen should be small enough so that it won’t be susceptible or noticeable by anyone. However, it should hold the minimum amount possible. You’ve to empty the container without delays and with minimal movements at that time.

Heat Pads

It’s vital to keep the fake urine sample at the right temperature. It’s zero work if you successfully smuggle in your sample only to eventually fail the test anyway.

Most synthetic urine kits are equipped with a heating pad to maintain the right temperatures for around 6 to 8 hours.

The best temperature range should be somewhere between 94 to 100 degrees F. Read the heating instructions keenly and absorb everything in your head to avoid shock on the day of testing. Taking further steps will enhance confidence as you’ll know exactly what to do.

If you have a problem with your skin concerning heat, Quick Fix 6.3 will be an excellent choice to consider.

Clothing Options

The mode of dressing should be a priority. The smartest way to conceal a bottle sample is by wearing baggy clothes – only loose-fitted clothing. It would be best if you tried this outfit beforehand to check out the areas in your body that look unnatural or stand out because of the device.

That way, it will be easier to straighten any missteps by choosing the best wear. Imagine how disgusting it can be if clothing poses a problem on the day itself.  

Your clothing should entirely cover it and have pockets or zippers to simplify easy access for a urine kit. Avoid tight clothes because they can bring forth a bulgy appearance.


What if you’re going to be supervised? It may seem uncomfortable if someone is monitoring you. So, sneakily taking out your container and filling it with a sample is out of the question. Not so many people can flourish on this.

Nevertheless, there are viable options meant to suffice in such situations. With Monkey Dong, you can easily manage to sneak without anything to worry about. This kit resembles a real penis and features different skin tone shades.

In fact, you can fill a cup even under tight supervision without engaging in abnormal movements. Why? Because it looks realistic.

Alternatively, if you’ve sufficient time, you may opt for basics. One good idea is to detox your body system (full body detox) It requires days, if not a week, to do it successfully. Please read our guide about the detox program for beating drug tests.

Sneaking the Urine Sample into the Laboratory

Better still, drug testing facilities are vulnerable to sneaking fake samples. The chances are that a supervisor will ask you to empty your pockets or take off your jacket. Aside from that, you should be calm.

Best Places to Hide Fake Urine for Men

For men, you can choose to hide the sample a little lower in your underwear or over your crotch. Luckily, the groin area is the best part of the body to keep your synthetic Urine. It’s unlikely that somebody will touch there.

Figure out the best option. This will make you feel comfortable as you walk into the lab to avoid raising any suspicion.

Best Places to Hide Fake Urine for Women

Ladies will always have an advantage over men. One area you can hide the sample is under your breast and inside the bra. Not so many supervisors will attempt to come near that spot. A padded bra will work better because it allows your body to look natural.

Vitally important, the breasts function well as a natural heating pad to maintain Urine’s warmth. It’s unlikely that anyone will touch that area. Women will always win.

Alternative body parts to hide fake pee include:

1. Armpit. While the armpit is a unique part of keeping the Urine warm, it is somehow risky under the circumstances. Anything can happen there. For example, extensive sweating can loosen the tape fixed to hold the container.

Mistakenly, the sample might fall right out of your clothes. Besides, you can forget and move your arm unnaturally. Unless otherwise, don’t make this option the best choice.

2. Inner Thigh. It looks less obvious to attach the sample on your thigh where you use a leg to strap. It’s the best part for the majority of people. The spot is pretty comfortable though it may be tedious if the testing process is taking too long.

3. Up My Belt.  Absolutely, with perfect clothing, hiding it up your belt should be easy. For any given reason, the facility will employ tougher instructions, but this could be your best bet if some properly. It assures somebody won’t catch you.

4. Torso. This is one safe and secure way to bang in your sample. Assuming that no one will pat you down, this option is magnificent. But it’s always good to find a method that would conceal it better.

Where You Should NOT Keep Your Urine Sample (What To Avoid)

Keeping the Kit in Bags or Pockets

For various reasons, some places aren’t good for hiding your sample or urine kit. For instance, bags and pockets are 100 percent readily inspected, no matter what. The one in charge or a technician will dive into your pockets and bags like no other business.

Taping your Fake Pee around your Abdomen or Leg

Some folks find it practical to tape the sample around their abdomen or leg. This method isn’t highly recommended, though. Pulling it off for accessibility can be confusing, leading to suspicion.

The process of removing the tape is seemingly painful and cumbersome. Instead, stick to prosthetic kits or Synthetic Urine Leg Straps. These products prove to be extra effective and superb in concealing your fake pee.

For females, Monkey Whizz will be an ideal choice. I would pick it any day.

Creating Some Noise and Shaking the Container

Testing facilities are very calm and silent. Again, lab technicians and doctors are too nosey. It will be odd to hear some unnecessary noises around.

Accidentally shaking the container containing the sample or excessive fidgeting will signify suspicious activity behind their doors.

Practice is the key. Know where to hide your synthetic Urine. Notably, somewhere you can easily access it and manage to fill your specimen cup. The Monkey Dong will always outperform others. You can take out this prosthetic unit, and fill the cup with less to no suspicious sounds.

Preparation for Supervised Urine Testing

Smuggling the sample in a drug test to beat urine screening has become the order of the day. Technicians of your gender can keenly supervise you while you pee.

What should you do in such a situation? Make no mistake. Just buy Monkey Dong, and you won’t get wrong.

This urinating device is by far the finest option. It will ensure your fake pee isn’t discovered, even if it’s your fiancée watching you.

This device comes in nearly five colors. At first impression, it mimics a real thing.

Why is Monkey Dong famous? 

First off, this prosthetic device is silent. An employee in the line can comfortably fill the container with less or no sounds.

Even better, fake pee is included in the Monkey Dong Package, so you don’t have to worry or undergo double the cost.

Ensure the device is well fitted safely and securely to your body. By this, you’ll have reduced unnecessary movements when dealing with it.

Preparation for Non-Supervised Urine Testing

Urine leg straps could be decent for non-supervised urine tests. Both cost-effective and comfortable, the product is also reusable. One benefit is that the bottle is well concealed, and if the tester pats you down, it won’t be easy to discover it.

Though you can’t predict whether anyone will supervise you, if that happens, expect a worst-case scenario. Accessing your bottle to fill in the cup is scary.

Let everything look convincing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much urine should I bring?

Bring what you need. Only carry the amount, which is slightly over the minimum required. Don’t carry something with disturbing weight while you walk. Something disposable when you’re done with the test should be your target. 

Should I keep the sample warm?

Yes, it’s paramount to keep your urine sample in the right heat and temperature. Generally, the temperature range between 94 and 100 Degree F is excellent. Heating pads come in handy. It helps to keep the perfect temperature for around 8 hours.

Remember to read the heating instructions before you proceed. Other urine samples like Clear Choice Sub Solution come with heat activator powder.

Because of the Lithium Chloride in its formula, the heat activator will get your sample to the correct temperature. You’ll get both the sample and the urine kit.


To wrap up, sneaking a package into a drug test is easy if you have a solid strategy and plan. It’s not a must to supervise you. Just bring with you a neat thing that’s not suspicious.

Most people in the world can now beat these tests without much hassle.

As long as you use the right product and proper steps, this should be a win-win situation. Among all the options available, Monkey Dong and Clear Choice Sub Solution are the best.

Those who need an easy run, whether in unsupervised or supervised drug tests, should consider them worth purchasing.

I’d say that they are the most dependable. Other best products that can help you sail through are included in our comprehensive buyer’s guide on the best synthetic Urine to buy.

Take care, guys!