How to Heat Synthetic Urine without Microwave

Synthetic urine has been the go-to solution for drug users ever since 1986. It helps individuals pass their drug tests to secure employment, retain their jobs, or other events with such a demand.

Fake pee should have the correct temperature (about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to pass the drug tests. But this fake urine cools much faster.

While using a microwave is the most effective way when done right, there comes a time when you can’t use it. Our article will look through how to heat synthetic urine without a microwave and pass your drug tests.

Well, you can heat it using your body, hand warmers, urinators, stash undies, heating pads, Quick Fix heater packs, and more.

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How to Warm/Heat Synthetic Urine without a Microwave (Best Ways)

The urine leaves your body at approximately 98.8 degrees Fahrenheit. But this temperature may vary due to your body temperature and the immediate cooling effect.

That’s why most drug screening labs consider 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit as the valid urine temperature range.

When you hand in your urine sample, the lab first checks its temperature. And if the temperature isn’t within the range, the lab will reject your urine sample.

That said, your fake pee must be within the desired temperature range. Your microwave can effectively warm your synthetic urine. That’s only if the drug test will occur sooner.

The urine sample will get cold if it takes several hours. You’ll also need to reheat it to the correct temperature. But what if you have no access to a microwave?

That shouldn’t leave you wondering what to do either. There are several best ways on how to warm synthetic urine without a microwave.

These include:

1. Heating Pads

Using heating pads is one of the most effective and reliable ways to warm synthetic urine. These pads come in packets of all sizes and shapes.

They are easy to use; open and shake the heating pad well. Then squeeze it. Make sure the chemicals in the pouch mix properly. It will start generating heat along the sides.

The heating pads provide heat for 8 to 10 hours. That’s a lot of time to heat your synthetic urine.

Heating pads are non-reusable. Thus you can throw them once used. However, don’t buy those that are very cheap or need instant use.

You’ll need to cover the urine sample container tightly using a stick tape or an elastic band. This prevents the specimen from spilling and damaging the heating pad.

Heating pads must stay dry. If not, they won’t generate the heat required to warm your synthetic urine.

Place the urine sample under your armpits or between the thighs to carry it. While this method is efficient and easy, it’s important to check the temperature.

Before handing in your urine sample, use the temperature strip to measure the temperature. It should range between 32 and 38-degrees Celsius (90-100-degrees Fahrenheit).

You’ll pass the test if you follow the right steps and use proper heating pads.

2. Hand Warmers

These devices provide heat to keep the hands of people living in cold regions warm. They can effectively warm or heat synthetic urine before a drug test.

You can adjust the temperature to body temperature with a hand warmer. It will also help maintain your urine sample’s temperature for a longer period.

However, it would be best to let the hand warmer heat up to the correct temperature for about 45 minutes.

You can find these urine warmers in various hardware and department stores. Once you get one;

  • Get it out of the packaging
  • Mix the chemicals inside the pouch
  • Place the pouch against your synthetic urine container
  • Let your fake piss warm to the desired temperature

Like in heating pads, make sure you close the container tightly. The hand warmer will help keep the temperature of your urine sample.

Confirm that your sample meets the desired temperature range before giving it to the tester.

You can use two hand warmers where necessary. These units are affordable, and it is a perfect alternative to a heating pad.

3. Quick Fix Heater Packs

This is another best way to heat synthetic urine without a microwave. 

Quick Fix Plus 6.2 provides a collection of heaters that help drug users keep their urine samples at the correct temperature for drug testing. But how long does Quick Fix last after opening?

Quick Fix heater packs have chemicals that give a heat reaction upon mixing. Their heat lasts for about 8 hours, making them reliable and convenient to use.

You’ll need to mix them with your specimen. Once mixed, the heating chemicals give off heat for several hours after mixing.

The best thing about these heater packs is their affordability. Unlike other methods of warming urine samples, Quick Fix uses disposable hand-warmers that are easy to use.

Just get the right synthetic urine kits online. Upon arrival, open the package and ensure the kit is inside.

Most synthetic urine kits have a flask and a belt. All you’ll have to do is attach your Quick Fix to the flask containing your artificial urine. And your urine sample will start heating right away.

4. Use your Body

Here, you need to place the urine sample closer to your body. You can attach it to your thigh by the groin. Wait for about 30 minutes or an hour to warm the urine.

This method is appropriate and natural. However, your urine sample is not kept at a constant temperature. You can repeat the process until your sample reaches the target temperature range.

It’s indeed an effective way to heat synthetic urine without a microwave.

5. Stash Undies

The best way to heat synthetic urine without a microwave is by wearing disposable underwear. Most people use this method because it’s effective and easy to get.

All you need is a pair of these undies. You can get them from your local stores or online dealers.

These come in different styles, colors, and sizes. They’re made from a thin material that keeps the urine warm.

You do not need to attach them to your body. They will keep your synthetic urine at a constant temperature for as long as you want.

A pair of these disposable undies are perfect for those who want their urine sample kept warm during their travels or lab testing process.

But you’ll need a bigger container. And the smell may become noticeable over time of use.

6. Urinators

This is the latest technology in the urine testing industry. A how long does Quick Fix last after opening gives your sample instant heat that maintains its temperature until you submit it for the drug test.

It uses a high-tech heating system to provide quick and reliable results to people living in cold regions. Just urinate on this device, and it will activate.

And the machine will give off warmth until you’re done with your test (about 4 hours).

You can use this device to warm up your synthetic urine before a drug test. It heats the sample instantaneously and remains at body temperature for about 30 minutes.

All you need is to pee on it, and its heat will naturally pass through your urine sample.

The Urinator is available online at different prices. It is among the latest technologies in the industry that help keep urine samples above body temperature for longer periods.


Will urine stay warm in my bra?

Yes, but if you do it right. Putting a small bottle of sample urine under your bra between the boobs will help it stay warm until testing. However, this method is suitable for non-supervised drug tests.

How long does synthetic urine stay warm between your legs?

A person with a warm body will give off heat for at least 30 minutes or up to about 2 hours. This is the time synthetic urine stays warm between your legs.

Your legs will warm the urine for as long as your body is warm.

How long will urine stay warm in your pants?

Pants are the best way to keep your urine warm outside. You can wear tight or loose pants. It doesn’t matter because they’ll keep your sample at body temperature for about 2 hours (no more than 3).

Can I keep synthetic urine in my car?

Yes, you can do this by keeping your urine sample close to the engine. Keep the lid closed and make sure it’s free of water vapors; these can damage your synthetic urine.

You can also place your sample urine container above your car’s air vent. This helps your sample keep its temperature as you go for the drug test.

Can hand warmers make urine too hot?

Yes, if you handle hand warmers incorrectly. Besides, the type of device you use may also get your urine too hot.

For instance, some hand warmers called organic heat pads are not ideal for warming urine for the drug test.

If you use hand warmers to heat your sample urine, make sure the temperature is about 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check constantly to ensure the sample attains the right temperature.


It’s not hard to keep your synthetic urine warm before a lab test. All you need are methods that work for you, depending on your specific circumstances.

 There are several hacks on how to heat synthetic urine without a microwave. These include wearing disposable underwear, Urinators and keeping it close to body heat or under tight clothing.

 You’ll have to go with either of these methods confidently. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you’ll get the desired results.