Does Synthetic Urine Work? (Beginner’s Guide)

Once in a while, we can find ourselves partying and things get a little out of hand and you end up having more fun surpassing what your employer would want. 

Nobody would want to become a victim of unintended firing or missing out on a new job because of failing a simple drug test. That being so, you’ll be tempted to use synthetic urine to pass the drug test ahead of you. 

Maybe you want to sneak urine into the drug test. One question that comes to your mind while going for this test is, does synthetic urine work? 

Does synthetic urine work?

This simple answer is yes. As long as your fake urine features the general makeup as real urine the lab won’t be able to detect it. Also, it should not contain traces of uncontrolled substances.

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How is This Possible?

The normal urinalysis labs usually look for urine qualities alongside traces of opioids, PCP, THC, Cocaine, and amphetamines. 

The dealers of fake pee work so hard to replicate real human urine with all the attributes such as color, temperature, odor, density, and even pH balance. 

This means that as long as your fake urine has the above attributes with no unwanted traces, you are good to go. 

What if Synthetic Urine Doesn’t Work?

 keep in mind that the working of synthetic urine depends on the manufacturer and your ability to keep it in the right conditions before use. Many people who have used fake pee in the past have passed the drug tests easily. 

However, if you don’t pass, you might face some consequences and legal implications because many states, 18 in number, have all banned the use of synthetic urine in drug tests. 

Another one is that you might be at the risk of losing your job. This depends on your employer’s policy. 

Final Thoughts

You have a higher chance of passing a drug test when you use synthetic urine. However, the passing largely depends on the manufacturing company and the way you hand the fake pee before use.