Does Harbor Freight Drug Test?

Companies are never equal. They have a specific set of policies that make them unique. And such policies help run their daily operations and when recruiting new talents. Harbor Freights is an excellent example of such companies.

It is a fast-growing, large-sized, and highly reputable company. So you’ll most likely see thousands of people knocking on their doors to seek employment. Most job applicants who seek employment at Harbor Freight care to know; does Harbor Freight drug test?

You’ll feel relieved to know that Harbor Freight doesn’t conduct a drug test when recruiting new talents. However, they have special rights that mandate them to conduct a drug test on their staff whenever the need arises.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Harbor Freight drug test.

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What is Harbor Freight?

Harbor Freight is a private establishment with various retail entities selling tools and equipment at cut prices. Its headquarters are in California, USA, and operates in 48 states. Therefore, Harbor Freight is one of the country’s leading retail tool and equipment servicing brands.

The company’s key areas include:

  • E-commerce
  • Technology
  • Merchandising

Harbor Freight dedicates 20000 employees to the above main areas of operation and satisfies over 20 million customers. Their working environment and inherent culture are favorable for staff to work and grow.

Does Harbor Freight Drug Test Workers?

The answer is no. Harbor Freight doesn’t conduct a drug test while hiring new employees. Most employees say that the company doesn’t do regular drug tests unless you get injured or act dubiously.

Harbor Freight is a large private company with tens of thousands of employees. It, therefore, means that getting hired isn’t easy.

The company has strict policies and requirements which may vary depending on:

  • Place of residence
  • The position to which you’re applying

Harbor Freight may also check a potential employee’s background during a hire. The background test helps:

  • Avoid disturbing activity such as abuse, fight, or violence at the workplace
  • Prevent wastage of time or money required in lawsuits or frauds
  • Ensure the recruit will give in the best efforts to help fulfill the company’s mission and vision

There are also specific national rules and regulations that every employee complies with.

However, the company has exclusive rights that mandate them to conduct a drug test on their workers when required.

Why Would Harbor Freight Want To Drug Test Employees?

As we’ve seen above, Harbor Freight doesn’t drug test its potential employees at the hiring stage. However, there are instances when the company may use their special reserved rights to conduct a drug test on its staff or even the hire process.

Here are the reasons that would make Harbor Freight do a drug test:

1. If a job applicant or employee acts in a doubtful way

Individuals under the influence of drug abuse often display some actions and signs. Some common questionable actions include:

  • Regular sniffing
  • Hasty or irrational decision making
  • Disappears during office hours, etc.

When an employee shows these actions, the company will drug test the employer. Alternatively, it may request the employee or job seeker to present their drug test.

2. Physical Health Deterioration

A drug abuser will also show signs of physical health deterioration. Such a job applicant or employee will have symptoms like:

  • Eye color changes
  • Regular weight loss
  • Regular energy decline
  • Reduced motivation

If these signs become noticeable in a hire or start reoccurring in an employee, the need for a drug test arises.

Why is Harbor Freight a Thriving Company in Retail Tool Servicing?

Most of us often consider the price of a tool or any household commodity when shopping. We tend to like and prefer shopping from a company that offers its products at affordable prices, right?

Finding products and tools with excellent quality and durability is tricky. We move from one shop to another, which is more stressful.

Sometimes, we find good quality products, but the prices are super high. Other times, the tools have inferior quality but are very cheap. But only countable companies offer affordable and high-quality products.

Harbor Freight is one such company. They offer high-quality tools and equipment at discounted prices to their customers nationwide.

The company has been doing so for more than four decades now and won’t stop anytime soon. That explains why Harbor Freight today has a large customer base (over 20 million), and it is still adding more.

In addition, Harbor Freight makes a wide range of tools that consumers want. That’s what makes them a thriving company in the retail industry. You will find it selling a wide range of tools like:

  • Generators
  • Hand tools
  • Air and power tools
  • Shop equipment
  • Automotive tools

When you shop at Harbor Freight, you get the value of your money. You’ll also save some cash on your purchases.

They have retail outlets distributed nationwide (48 states). It means that you can get plenty of tools you need for your home and business. The tools also have exceptional quality, and Harbor Freight regularly conducts rigorous laboratory quality tests before displaying and selling them.

How to Pass a Harbor Freight Interview

Harbor Freight offers you the chance to build your sales and marketing career. The company has many competitors who strive to be the best tool servicing businesses nationwide. It ensures that all employees have the right experience, and qualifications and are ready to work.

The only way to pass and stand out in Harbor Freight’s hiring process is to have certain key attributes. They include:

1. Closeness to the Company’s Outlet

The proximity of your home to the company’s outlet is vital. Harbor Freight desires to know how fast you can get to work each day without a lot of stress. They greatly value your ability to coordinate at work and receive customers daily.

Even if you lie about your location, the company will know. The managing team will catch you trying to get to work early. Such individuals often require around 10-30 minutes to get into the work mode. As an applicant, ensure your home’s location is proximal enough to their outlet.

2. Remarkable Previous Work Experiences

Like any other company, the recruiting team at Harbor Freight would want to know about your past experiences. The team will ask you about:

  • The company name
  • Its industry category
  • What were your responsibilities?
  • How best did you serve there?

So be ready to answer such questions and know what certificates to carry to the interview. Also, know what unique thing or skill that you will offer the company. More importantly, show your willingness to learn new things with time.

3. Sales Experience

The level of experience you have in sales is another critical thing the hiring team at Harbor Freight considers. They will want to know how much experience you have in sales. How best can you convince customers that the tools they buy will bring them great value?

4. Excellent Customer Reception

Harbor Freight is a company with customers who come from different lifestyles. It is your responsibility to warmly and hospitably receive them. Please provide them with details of specific tools in case they ask. Your ability to receive customers in the best way possible is essential to making you stand out.


Harbor Freight doesn’t conduct regular drug tests on recruits or regular employees. However, it has exclusive rights when a recruit or employee shows questionable behaviors or actions.

In its hiring process, Harbor Freight uses a set of policies and regulations that you must abide by. Your home must be closer to its outlet for utmost convenience. 

More importantly, have sales experience and welcome and convince potential buyers.