Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

Many people desire to win a job at FedEx because they’ll enjoy plenty of space for advancement. Once you secure a FedEx job, you can progressively rise through the ranks. Meanwhile, you’ll most likely work as a package handler in the warehouse.

You’ll still get a good salary and enjoy incredible benefits. It is luxurious to work at FedEx, and that’s something you’ll want to leverage fully. However, does FedEx drug test package handlers?

Most employees who secured a job at FedEx say that the company drug test package handlers. Of course, you must pass the test to get the job. They also do a background check to ensure that you were not imprisoned for any crimes. After that, you’ll take an interview and get started.

Today we’ll discuss things you should know about FedEx drug tests and help you pass one if there are any.

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What is FedEx?

It’s a corporation that offers global businesses and customers e-commerce, business, and transportation services. The company started its operation in 1971 under the management of Fred Smith, the founder, and current chief executive.

It is the world’s biggest airline company, closely competing with UPS. FedEx boasts an annual revenue of $90 billion. Plus, it is one of the globe’s most trusted and admired employers. That’s why it currently has around 300,000 employees nationwide.

The company inspires its employees to:

  • Prioritize their safety
  • Exhibit the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Help meet customer and community needs

FedEx also commits itself to connecting individuals and possibilities around the globe reliably and practically. They aim to achieve carbon-free operations by 2040.

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

If you could ask this question in 2018, the answer would be no. By then, FedEx didn’t drug test package handlers.

All you needed was a clean record in the federal bureau, i.e., zero arrest records and convictions for any crimes. But the company drug tested only individuals applying for the driver and managerial positions.

And today, things have changed! To get a job at FedEx, you must pass a drug test. FedEx is famously known and loved for paying good salaries and treating employees well. As a result, many job seekers admire landing a job at this great shipping company.

Whenever there’s a job offer, applicants turn up in large numbers. The company can’t risk ruining its reputation and trustworthiness by hiring employees who abuse drugs. That’s why FedEx will always drug test every new worker.

It may also drug test existing employees when they get a promotion or move to a new position. Ensure you’re ready to pass the test because if you fail, you’ll get disqualified from the job.

FedEx’s drug testing process is rigorous and one of the toughest tests. So it is crucial that you properly prepare yourself for it.

What Kind of Drug Test for Package Handlers Does FedEx Use?

Before you become a package handler at FedEx, you’ll have to take a drug test. You must know the kind of drug test you’ll be taking. FedEx often uses urine drug tests, which can be complicated if you abuse drugs.

Saliva drug tests are pretty easy to pass. The reason is that drugs leave your saliva much faster than in the urine. If you’re planning to take a FedEx urine drug test, ensure you stay clean for a few weeks. That’s the best and most effective way to get rid of drugs in your urine completely.

What’s more, you’ll be under close supervision when taking the urine drug test. You may use artificial urine or such-like that, but it’s very risky, and you might get caught. It would be best if you waited for a few weeks to let the drugs off your urine completely so that you could pass the test with flying colors.

How Does FedEx Drug Test Work?

Once you’re fully ready, you should understand how the FedEx urine drug test works. The company will provide you with some paperwork for the clinic, doctor, or hospital to fill in. When you get to these facilities, the medical doctor in charge will administer the test.

They’ll often give you a cup you’ll urinate in for a while in the bathroom. You will be alone in the bathroom, but the door must remain open. Besides, you can’t turn the sink on unless you hand in the cup to the personnel in charge.

With such strict measures, you won’t have any chance to cheat at a FedEx drug test. It’s hazardous to try as you might get caught and get disqualified.

After handing in your sample, it will get taken to the clinic or hospital for testing the presence of various drugs. FedEx will get the test results in around one week or more, depending on the hospital’s backlog.

Passing the test offers you a great chance to get on FedEx’s roster. So, you may start working as a package handler at FedEx and get paid.

Are There Random Drug Tests for Package Handlers?

FedEx boasts a strictly zero-drug policy. The company makes sure that its employees don’t work under drugs. If they catch you abusing drugs at the workplace, you’ll land yourself into a big problem.

That’s not what you want, right? You should know that FedEx conducts random drug tests whenever they believe or suspect someone is using drugs.

But how will they know? Well, you may be smelling drugs like marijuana. Red-colored eyes are also an observable sign that you’re abusing drugs. FedEx may also opt to drug test you if you act weirdly or doubtfully.

The best way to pass any random drug test is to avoid abusing drugs as you work for FedEx.

What Will Happen When You Get Injured At FedEx?

When you get injuries while working at FedEx, the company will drug test you. Understandably, accidents are inevitable. But FedEx will drug test you to determine if you were high on drugs when you got yourself injured.

If you test positive for drugs, their excuse will be that you got injured because you were high. As a result, they’ll save the money they would have used to treat you. Plus, you’ll risk losing your job.

It is essential that you stop abusing illegal drugs and only consume prescribed medications.

Can You Cheat on a FedEx Urine Drug Test?

Yes, you can use synthetic urine to beat the test. However, doing so is very dangerous. You can get caught, which may jeopardize your dreams and career. Please don’t risk your chances.

Just try your best to stay off illegal drugs, and you’ll pass any FedEx drug test.


FedEx drug test package handlers. As a recruit, expect to take a FedEx drug test which you must pass to get hired. If you’re using any illegal drug, make sure you wait for a few weeks before applying for a job at this company. That’s the best way to pass it.

When you secure a job with FedEx, you’ll want to stay clean to keep your job. The company often conducts random drug tests in case they detect any suspicious behavior in any worker. Also, be ready for a random drug test if you get injured while working at the company.

If you intend to fool the test with synthetic urine, don’t! You’ll be digging yourself a grave as the risks are unbearable.