Does Fake Pee Expire? What They Aren’t Telling You

Do you have a urine-drug screening coming up? Maybe you’re a cannabis user, or you smoked recently when partying with your friends before welcoming news of a ‘drug test next week’ from an organization you work in.

The last thing to pop up in your mind will be about the fake pee you bought a year ago. Is the product still good? This drives us to our main question, “Does fake pee expire?

The answer is YES; Fake pee expires. However, you should set your worries aside – products like Quick Fix 6.3 offer the longest-lasting shelf life. You only need to store and keep them properly.

Of course, there are other numerous reasons to have synthetic urine. You can use it to mastermind by pranking your friends. When you’ve parole or a significant sportsteam opportunity at stake, fake urine will get the job done.

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Does Synthetic Pee Expire? What’s Fake Pee?

The vast majority of people are battling with this question; does synthetic urine go bad? Others like to put it like this; does synthetic urine expire?

It’s true; Fake pee is a real thing. It’s an artificial substance designed to mimic or simulate the chemical properties, appearance, and composition of real pee. It is not simple to virtually distinguish it from real urine.

With it, you can impressively boost your drug test passing rates up to 99.99 percent.

Most importantly, reputable companies like Upass and Quick Fix include elements such as creatinine, uric acid, and urea, which are the main components found in human urine.

More than that, it even takes the same color and odor as real pee. Fake pee has an expiration date. But at least the best products come with a shelf life of up to 2 years under the right temperature.

Once the pee hits the expiration date, it becomes less useful to deliver the best results.

Notably, powdered fake pee has a longer shelf-life than liquid one. Just keep that in mind when picking your product.

Storing your product incorrectly will make it go bad even before its anticipated expiration date. So, how should you store your synthetic urine? There are key factors that could negatively affect the shelf-life of your product:

  • Extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Exposure to oxygen
  • Sunlight


It’s important to keep fake pee under appropriate temperatures when moving stuff around because you might need it tomorrow.

Don’t leave your product exposed to sunlight. Direct sunlight can interfere with the pee’s PH levels, something that can negatively affect your urinalysis results.

If you leave it accidentally for a couple of minutes or hours, presumably, there will be no effects. But who would want to try?

Extreme temperatures and conditions

Whether it’s Quick Fix or Best Solution, the best decision is to keep it at room temperature. Make sure there’s no direct access to sun rays. 

Simply maintain the storage temperature between 68 degrees up to 75 degrees. That way, you’ll ripely enjoy its benefits.

Exposure to oxygen

You should use and open synthetic urine when necessary. Leaving it exposed to oxygen can affect the quality of the product.

Simply, oxygen and other particles present in the air can ultimately deteriorate the PH levels.

Also, it is not advisable to re-cool or reheat it regularly. Such kind of instability will not only influence the quality but cause contamination.

Again, keep the product in a cool, dry environment. This will preserve specific gravity and PH in the long run.

Tips & Tricks to Store Your Fake Pee (Boost Its Shelf Life)

Like other liquid products, synthetic urine has a limited shelf life. Recent research reveals that fake urine can last for two to three years and still be viable.

Fortunately, this is dependent on some factors. One good example is storage conditions.

  1. Store the sample out of direct sunlight
  2. Store the product in a cool, dry place
  3. Please don’t put it in a freezer or refrigerate
  4. Keep an eye on the batch number
  5. Buy reliable products like QuickFix
  6. Don’t expose the sample to oxygen

Signs That Show Your Fake Pee Has Gone Bad

How do you know your product is expired? Even if fake pee is stored appropriately at one time, it will expire.

It’s good to note the date you purchased the fake urine so that you can precisely know when the due expiry date.

Here are the important signs to check out before using the product again.


After using the sample, make sure you seal it properly. This can extend the life of your artificial pee. Once the pee gets in contact with oxygen, it will be oxidized to the extent of ruining it.

Additionally, you can cover it tightly to improve sterilization. Otherwise, bacteria and other growth will be roaming.


Fake pee is characterized by a musty smell that emulates real urine. When it goes bad, that smell transforms into something spoiled or rotten.

Always check the batch number to ensure the sample is in shape. The Unfamiliar odor means the sample is expired. Just throw it away and order a new batch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Labs Detect Synthetic Urine 2020?

Shaking and sniffing the sample might detect fake urine. Real urine contains protein. This is seen in terms of bubbles when agitated. However, this can’t stop cheating under the closest lab inspection. Odor and foam aren’t part of the process.

Labs are mostly concerned with the PH levels of the sample. Also, they look at creatinine. Counterfeit products in the market contain no creatinine. So, buy from a reliable source.

What Do Urine Testing Labs Look For?

Drug testing is a process that gets real attention every time urine analysis comes to mind. You must encounter it when a practitioner or an organization wants to determine your health details. 

Before investing in synthetic urine, analyze what your urine analysis is looking for beforehand. There are some misnomers about what labs really test.

The standard labs won’t test for:

  • Genetic data
  • Hormones (indicating pregnancy or gender)
  • General health status
  • Prescription medications

The standard urine test will look for the presence of around six substances including;

  • Cannabis (THC)
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Cocaine
  • At times alcohol
  • Amphetamines

A urine testing lab will check these things:

  • Uric acid
  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • Specific gravity
  • Excessive nitrates

Can You Refrigerate Urine?

It’s recommended to neither store it in the freezer nor refrigerate it. Doing this can turn it cloudy, and this might bring about bacteria.

Final Verdict

Nothing is more embarrassing than failing a urine drug test. The positive results can make you lose job opportunities, be expelled from the team, or competition and fail in the interview.

All these scenarios can be simplified by synthetic urine. But, does fake pee expire? The short answer is ‘yes.’

Most brands, such as QuickFix, will last for 24-36 months. To make sure the product remains relevant, keep the sample at room temperature.

Utterly important, avoid re-heating and re-cooling it too many times. Seal and tightly cover it after use. With all that, you’ll be on the safer side.