Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review –Does it Really Work?

Undergoing a urine drug test can make you anxious, especially if you had just taken marijuana last week.

Synthetic urine may bring you good results if you choose the right product. Clear Choice Sub Solution is my number one choice in terms of quality at the moment.

Here it is – Clear Choice Sub Solution. The other best alternative is; Quick Fix Plus 6.3 Synthetic Urine.

You would want to know why and how good it is, which I will explain in this Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine review.

What is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Clear Choice Sub Solution is synthetic urine. Most synthetic urine samples in the market come in liquid form. But this sub solution is in powder form, ready to mix with water. 

That explains why most people prefer using Clear Choice to other products in the market. Premixed samples are likely to separate their components when not in use.

But for a powdered sample, such a risk is far from the encounter. You’ll have an option to mix the powder and the water only when in need of use.

Another reason why the powdered Clear Choice makes it the best choice in the market is its durability. You can store the product in its powdered form without expiring or getting ineffective. That helps if you go for regular urine tests, as you will have your solution in hand.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Ingredients

When getting a Clear Choice Sub Solution, you are probably interested in the formula used to make the product. The mixture resembling urine is the most significant feature.

Wrong ingredients can lead to inaccurate results. That’s why you shouldn’t rush shopping for a product. Labs with high-level drug testing procedures will detect a synthetic sample. 

A sub-solution product should have ingredients contained in human urine. Clear Choice Sub Solution has precisely that, containing:

  • Uric acid
  • Potassium
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium
  • Urea

These Clear Choice Sub Solution ingredients balance creatinine, specific gravity, and pH levels. They also boost heat activation, making it difficult to distinguish fake urine. The key advantage is the 100% resemblance to real urine, courtesy of the urea and uric acid components.

Clear Choice Sub Solution is free from the chemical, unlike other sub solution brands that add biocide for preservation purposes. Real urine contains no biocide, and lab technicians will test for the presence of biocide to ascertain it’s an actual sample.

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Sub Solution Review: Why Clear Choice?

It would be best to proceed with the Clear Choice Sub Solution review. One key thing is that this sub solution is in powder form. It is designed to test negative in a drug test by mimicking the real urine. Since it is free of all drug toxins, you are guaranteed to get a pass.

One thing that swung me is that this sub solution’s manufacturer, Clear Choice, has been making similar products for two decades now. Some of their products include Rescue Cleanse, one of the detox drinks doing reasonably well in the market. Now that explains why they have deep roots in the market.

Another feature we couldn’t miss is the thoroughness of the Clear Choice Sub Solution. You will expect all the sub solutions to contain creatinine, pH level, uric acid, specific gravity, and urea, Clear Choice Sub Solution included. But Clear Choice does more than that.

In addition to the main components, Clear Choice Sub Solution carries up to eleven chemical components. That’s enough to make it hard for any lab test to distinguish between real and fake urine.

So what makes Clear Choice Sub Solution that special? Having the same components as the real urine, Clear Choice Sub Solution is synthetic urine far from creating a fishy smell in a lab room. 

How is that so? Clear Choice Sub Solution has four factors enough to confuse the laboratory staff, which are:

Having the same temperature

The first thing the laboratory technician will look for is the urine temperature. As expected, Clear Choice Sub Solution has considered making the sub solution have equal temperature as real urine.

Mimicking the natural urine color

Synthetic urine is not all about some pee in a stool cap. A urine test includes a warm yellowish color, the main property of real urine. Clear Choice discovered a way to give their sub solution the actual urine color.

Balancing the pH level

Clear Choice has ensured that the synthetic urine and the real one have the same pH level. The manufacturers have added ingredients responsible for the pH level in real urine.

Getting an accurate creatinine level

It will be hard for the laboratory staff to tell the synthetic urine didn’t come right from your bowels with the right creatinine level. 

Instructions on How to Use Clear Choice Sub Solutions

So you are looking into making things right but don’t know the procedure? A slight mistake may ruin everything. Therefore, I had to test it and get the best results. I followed the instructions step by step, and this is what I did;

  • I mixed water, and the urine added three ounces, and shook the mixture evenly. Warm water is the best for dissolving the mixture.
  • To the mixture, I added a quarter heat activator powder. You may prefer adding a third of the powder for conservative purposes, but a little of it had equal effectiveness since I used warm water. The powder leveled the temperature to the original one, 98°F. But I had to add a little of the powder several times to get to that.
  • I left it for an hour to be sure how long it takes for synthetic urine to cool down. It lowered to 90°F, and after dissolving a little powder, it got to 99°F. That’s the right temperature for real urine. So, if you are sure to do a urine test, I recommend you be fast in playing the dice. Otherwise, you will burn the game.

It’s worth noting that reading the instructions carefully is the key thing here. Apart from the steps I took, there are things you need to take into consideration which include:

  • Not disposing of the cap
  • Opening the synthetic urine only when it’s time
  • Use the heat activator when necessary. Note that using the heat activator is not mandatory. You only apply it when you need to raise your fake urine temperature.

You must check your sample while wrapping it. If it comes into contact with your skin, it will result in the wrong temperature readings. 

Make sure the mixture has an easy flow. Otherwise, tap the lumps gently until they break down to their original form.

But don’t misuse the heat activator. Too much of it will overheat the solution. So what amount is the right amount? 

If the synthetic urine indicates no temperature, it is below 88°F. For that, add a third of the heat activator. The temperature will rise, but if it doesn’t reach 98°F to 100°F, add ¼ of the heat activator. Sometimes the temperature may persistently rise to nearly the maximum urine temperature. In that case, you can add ½ of the heat indicator, but that’s on a rare occasion.

At times the synthetic urine temperature may rise above 100°F. That will raise a red flag since real urine cannot pass the maximum urine temperature. If so happens, leave your cap on a cold surface and allow the temperature strip to face up. Let the temperature drop to 94°F-100°F.

What Makes Clear Choice the Best?

Not all brands are as good as Clear Choice Sub Solution. Two things make it stand out in the competition. First, Clear Choice does not exaggerate its product with too many chemicals, unlike other sub solutions. Secondly, the product has a heating powder to keep your sample warm.

Most sub solutions come with a heating pad to warm the urine. The additional product will not only make your kit bulky but make heating the synthetic urine uncertain and risky. The pad may give inaccurate results. But with Clear Choice Sub Solution, you don’t have to worry about a temperature fall when in the lab.

Since 2003, Clear Choice Sub Solution has dominated the market. You will notice a high percentage of positive reviews on the product indicating accurate performance.

You may get some negative results of failed performance, particularly temperature errors. That is prone to happen since some users may miss a step on using enough heating powder. Overheating the synthetic urine will automatically lead to rejection, even without testing.

Another thing that users may disagree with Clear Choice is in terms of prices. If getting that promotion or securing a job opportunity is worth a light wallet, you wouldn’t mind paying the price.

One thing that makes Clear Choice Sub Solution unique is that it is the only brand with powdered products. That makes it manageable compared to liquid products. So sneaking it in the testing room is easy, and chances for cross-contamination are minimal.

Since Clear Choice Sub Solution is portable, you can carry it with you wherever you go. So when you get an unexpected urine test, it won’t get you stranded. You will only need to put effort into following the instructions, and your pass is guaranteed. 

Where can you buy Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Though famous, Clear Choice Sub Solution is rarely on shelves. The best source to find the product is from an official manufacturer. You would prefer to make an online order and enjoy the discounts and fast shipping.

Another advantage of ordering from an official manufacturer is saving yourself from fake products with the same brand name. There are many copycats in the market trying to reap from the Clear Choice product. You know what trouble you will get yourself in when you use a fake product, right?


Does clear choice sub solution expire?

Sub solution products are prone to expire. All Clear Choice Sub Solution boxes contain expiry dates. As for the shelf life, every box should sell within six months from the day of arrival. So take note of the expiry date after delivery.

How long does synthetic urine last after mixing?

I left the synthetic urine for one hour, at which the temperatures dropped to 90°F. With that, it would be best to submit your sample within two hours after mixing. But I recommend mixing when in need. Every hour increases the chances of your fake urine getting spoilt.

The Bottom Line

Clear Choice Sub Solution is one of the best products for fake urine. You only need to follow the instructions that come with the kit. It’s manageable and easy to use. 

It has been effective for two decades, gaining many imitations out there. Be careful where to source out your Clear Choice Sub Solution, preferably from the manufacturer’s website.