Where To Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me In 2024?

Seeking a job, or are you a responsible employee trying to keep one after partying tremendously last weekend? Probably, you smoked some weed. Either way, chances are that you’ll have to pass a urine drug test

No worries. You can easily beat the drug screen by substituting your urine with fake pee. So, where should I buy synthetic urine near me?

Quick Fix Plus 6.3 Synthetic Urine

Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Some people use powders, drinks, and pills designed to dilute or derail positive drug test results. However, none of them can beat fake pee. With it, you don’t have to bother about detoxifying yourself.

If you’re a marijuana user, it’s paramount to know how to fool a drug-testing program. That way, you can obtain negative drug test results.

Now that a drug test is coming up, where should you buy fake pee?

  • Online shops
  • In stores/shops near you (smoke shops that sell synthetic urine near me or stores that sell synthetic urine near me)

The way you order a pizza today with current technology is the same way you can order this detox product right from the comfort of your pillow using a mobile device.

Synthetic Urine is a distinguished product that has helped save not only jobs but also livelihoods. Quite many recreational drug users can attest to that.

After all, who would want to lose a job when there is such a sensational solution? Read on!

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What Is Synthetic Urine & Its Purpose?

Commonly known as “fake pee‘, synthetic urine is a product created to mimic or imitate the appearance, texture, look, and composition of real pee (human urine). Even more, the smell is just like that of real urine.

Synthetic features all major real pee-related components, including urea, uric acid, sulfates, ammonia, and creatinine. Even the specific gravity and pH level, as well, are nearly identical to that of your pee.

Top-notch quality fake pee is generally tested not once to ensure it passes off as real pee. What they normally concentrate on is the chemical composition to make sure the PH is right and balanced.

Most organizations perform frequent drug tests on their employees. They believe that drugs can decrease the productivity of a worker in the long run. Drugs are expensive, regardless; they can cause health problems to employees.

Since its discovery, synthetic urine has found some purposes like;

  • Urine substitution for alcohol, weeds, and nicotine for abuse test
  • Science and research
  • Upass functions as fetish urine
  • Used as alternative medicine like urine therapy

Where Can I Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me For Urine-Drug Test?

You’ve just got an email to attend an interview for a well-paying new job in the state, and you’re pretty confident of beating all odds. In fact, you’re getting curious about how to spend and celebrate your first paycheck. 

Just before wrapping up to read and you think you’ve nailed the interview – the last statement points that ‘you must pass an easy urinalysis drug test.’ That’s when you realize whether you’ve got it or not.

That said, it’s vital to know the nearby places to buy the best synthetic urine near you in 2020. Let’s take a look! Shall we?

Online Stores

Online shopping has been a blessing to most people globally. As a novice, you don’t have to meander around from one store to another and eventually miss out on’ fake pee.’

Almost 90% of synthetic urine is traded online because of these reasons:

  • Fast and delivery – online shops ship the product the same day.
  • Discrete – No need for face-to-face buying business
  • You get quality synthetic urine – the best detox products are sold online.

So, what should I purchase for my upcoming drug test? You’ll find a variety of brands out there that will boost your passing rates. Nonetheless, you must pick a top-quality product. As a marijuana user, nothing is as good as Quick Fix 6.3

Those who have done intensive research have come across this name several times. Quick Fix is one popular brand in the market. It’s effective and easy to use.


Quick Fix Synthetic Urine isn’t a new name in the detox industry. It has been there for many years, and that’s why people trust and prefer it so much. For one, the researchers at Spectrum Labs have heavily tested, and improved their products. Their products are accredited for use.

Unlike other products, Quick Fix comes with uric acid in its mixture. They frequently update their foolproof formula frequently to balance with how labs update their testing equipment. Nowadays, Quick Fix has a 6.2 version to ensure you get the best results.  

Head Shops

Sometimes I would ask myself, ‘Where will I get synthetic pee around me? Apart from online shops, another alternative is a head shop.

A head shop is an outlet that retails cannabis paraphernalia and tobacco. It specializes in these drugs. In addition to marijuana products, it stocks hash-pipes, and bongs, among other accessories.

These shops also sell cannabis courses to help users beat drug tests. Not limited to that, you can get cannabis culture magazines, decorations, and clothes from them.

Head shops are accredited, meaning they are legal in the United States. But they are only allowed to deal with legal substances, recreational items, and accessories. That’s why they advertise their items online as ‘for tobacco use.’

Not all shops will sell synthetic urine- so, how do you locate the right one?

Quick Step-by-Step Guide

Scouting a head shop that stocks fake pee is an easy task. Indeed, you don’t have to present yourself in person in the stores.

  1. Identify the head shop around your area. One common way to locate is by using a WeedMaps. A WeedMap resembles Google Maps for head shops. Using your laptop or smartphone app, ‘turn on’ the location. WeedMaps will give you marijuana products in your vicinity.
  2. Every Head Shop has opening times. They usually provide a telephone number in their information. Just call them and ask them anything or go through their reviews to find mentions of fake pee.
  3. Calling one head shop after another is tedious. It is advisable to buy fake urine online to save money and avoid nagging head store owners.
  4. Once you locate a reliable store that sells synthetic urine, check out the brand’s quality. Now you can go ahead and make a purchase face to face.

Locating a head shop first and calling beforehand is pretty smart to buy synthetic urine near me (locally).

The drawback is that it will take you more effort compared to buying it online. Also, you may get a lower quality product as opposed to Sib Solution. Despite that, the head store is tried and tested, and you can buy synthetic urine near you.

Pros & Cons of Using Synthetic Urine To Pass Drug Test

Nowadays, drugs are heavily consumed. People who use them regularly must worry because there’s a probability that someone might ask to undergo a drug test. Employers, courts, parents can request, and if you’re less of ideas, it’s not easy to get away with it.

  • Perfect for use when you don’t have enough time to detox or clean your body
  • Works as good as real urine
  • A good investment
  • Helps employees to evade a drug test
  • It’s illegal in some states
  • Can be identified if there’s a mess in mixing compounds

Things To Consider When Buying Synthetic Urine Near You

Before diving into buying synthetic urine, it’s worth noting down some factors of consideration. The ability to acquire the best products depends on certain important factors.

Your Location

Obtaining synthetic urine will depend on your location. Though buying fake pee online is convenient, online stores don’t distribute to states where cannabis is illegal. For example, you can’t order fake urine online if you’re located in Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Indiana in the US.


The best product should contain uric acid. Since your normal pee contains uric acid, it’s important to check out this. Most labs often identify its presence during the drug test.

Trusted dealer

In recent years, the increased popularity of fake pee has led to a significant increase in fake and counterfeit products. At any time, do your research to avoid being a victim of an unscrupulous dealer. Please read the reviews and comments on their sites about the user’s experience.

Shelf life

Like other things, fake pee has an expiry date. Drug tests come unexpectedly, and you’d want to have an extra bottle of synthetic urine with a favorable shelf-life. Make sure you’re updated to replace your bottle periodically.